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Sophistication and security. We know that is what customers look for in garage doors at their homes and commercial properties. Express Garage Doors is the premier provider of garage door services in the community. We have proudly provided a wide array of repair, installation, and design services to a commercial facilities and homes throughout the Los Angeles, CA for years.

We offer comprehensive residential and commercial garage door services, from providing access or repair to a garage in an emergency to installing custom-made, high-tech garage door systems. Our courteous, highly experienced garage door technicians are ready to help you with any garage door issue. And we promise our rates are competitive and our service is superior to other companies in Los Angeles, CA.  

You garage door is the largest entry point to your home or commercial structure, so we know you need it to be both aesthetically appealing and functional. Garages often protect your valuable belongings, as well as provide access to your home, so security is of utmost importance. Our technicians are eager to use their education to make sure your needs are met and you are completely satisfied with your garage door repair or installation.

Our Professional Staff

Express Garage Doors has a highly experienced crew of technicians who take their jobs seriously and pledge to work at the highest level. We know our reputation stands upon the satisfaction of our customers. For that reason, we only hire experienced journeyman whose experience guarantees you will be more than pleased with their work.

When you’re deciding which company to choose, we know you’ll find the skills of our crew exceed those at other firms in Los Angeles, CA, who often hire carpenters with little experience in garage door work. Express Garage Doors technicians are trained to handle any garage door repair or maintenance issue and have vast knowledge of issues related to garage doors.

We know it’s tempting to try to fix your garage door yourself. But we urge you instead to call Express Garage Doors. Garage door mechanisms can be tricky, and someone who is not familiar with how they work can actually do more damage by attempting a repair. It can also be dangerous working with a heavy door.

Our technicians have all the required tools and experience to make sure the work is done properly. We can quickly determine what the problem is and get to work on needed repairs. It will save you time and money in the long run to trust the professionals at Express Garage Doors to resolve your garage door problems.

Ready for Anything

Because we never know exactly what we will find on a job site, we show up completely prepared to make repairs to your home or business. Our crew has the latest tools and materials on hand, and they arrive prepared for anything.

Express Garage Doors carries an array of the leading edge auxiliary garage door parts and garage door lift mechanisms, along with the typical garage door parts. Whether you require new brackets or door struts, remote openers, receivers or monitors, we have what we need on hand to assess the problem, and more importantly, fix it. We pledge to make your experience with us one that instills confidence in our work and makes you call us again.

Express Garage Doors certainly understands that doors can malfunction for all kinds of reasons and be damaged in many ways. Accidents happen, and doors stop working at the most inopportune times. That is why we are on call around the clock, every day. Whether your door is not operational due to damage or for another reason, let us know, and we will be on our way with everything we need to help you.

It’s inevitable that most garage doors will have some kind of problem at one time or another. We want to be sure all your locks are functioning properly and make repairs if they are not. If you need them, we can make emergency keys for you on the spot so you can regain access to your garage and its important contents. This is another instance where you should rely on the skilled professionals at Express Garage Doors.

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